Inclusion Gives Danielle Cooperman A Place to Belong

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Thirteen-year-old Danielle Cooperman began participating with NSSRA through Inclusion back in 2011. Paired with two different Inclusion companions over her first four summers, Danielle was matched with her third companion, Molly Avery, in the summer of 2015 after a particularly difficult school year. Molly went on to be Danielle’s buddy at park district and NSSRA programs for four years, becoming both an advocate and trusted friend for Danielle, giving her security at camp to feel safe and try new things with her peers. Their story illustrates the transformative power of Inclusion for kids with special needs.

In addition to park district summer camps, this year Danielle also took a trip to Madison with NSSRA, participated in Kitchen Creations over the summer, and went to Camp Duncan for the second time.

Click the links below for our full interviews with Dena, Danielle’s mom, as well as with her long-time Inclusion companion, Molly Avery.

Molly’s Interview | Dena’s Interview