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NSSRA’s new facility in Highland Park will finally give participants their own space to play and grow. The expansion and variety of dedicated space in NSSRA’s new building will also transform program offerings for years to come. The facility will include a front courtyard, participant lounge, five multipurpose rooms, fully accessible washrooms and a teaching kitchen. New programs being considered are:

  • Cooking
  • Art
  • Social
  • Gardening
  • Expanded adult day program
  • Wellness
  • Independent living skills

NSSRA Highland Park is a 30,000 square foot facility on a 5-6 acre campus just inside Highland Park. Set back on Lake Cook Road near the Edens Expressway, it is a safe recreation area in the heart of the northern suburbs of Chicago and central to NSSRA’s 13 partner agencies.


Great Room:

Three recreation spaces: the Celebration Room with floor-to-ceiling windows, and two additional Recreation Rooms. This area will provide flexible space for all programming needs, everything from dances for large groups to skill development programs and meeting space for any size group. An ideal home for our adult day program. A lot of fun will happen here!

Participant Lounge (RESERVED):

Centerpiece of the facility: an inviting entry point and comfortable lounge area for NSSRA participants to gather and socialize before and after programs, while waiting for transportation and more.



Celebration Room / Recreation Room #1:

Large programming space for up to 250 with two-story glass windows, a beautiful outdoor setting with ample sunlight. Ideal for a variety of recreation programming, including dances or small groups; perfect home for adult day programming.

Accessible Washrooms:

Completely accessible and customized for NSSRA participant needs. Design focus on independence, privacy and amenities for all needs are priority.



Recreation Room #2:

Ideal sized space for groups up to 35, and expandable to 75 when retractable wall is stowed. Program opportunities include yoga, arts and crafts, movies, social clubs, choir, etc.

Recreation Room #3:

Ideal sized space for groups up to 35, and expandable to 75 when retractable wall is stored. Program opportunities include yoga, arts and crafts, movies, social clubs, choir, etc.

Kitchen (RESERVED):

Commercial kitchen to support programming in all Recreation Rooms. Ideal for various cooking programs and independent skill-development opportunities for all ages.



Recreation Room #4 (RESERVED):

Dedicated space for fitness and wellness programming. Fitness equipment for cardiovascular and strength training, along with open space for stretching and wellness activities.

Recreation Room #5:

Versatile space for art programming. It will allow participants to work on projects for a number of weeks rather than one-time art projects in partner facilities.

Courtyard (RESERVED):

Appealing outdoor space for socializing, programming, gardening and small events when weather permits.



Gator Storage & Laundry Room:

Ample on-site storage space and laundry capacity for all Gator gear, including equipment, uniforms and supplies.

Meeting Room (RESERVED):

Designated private meeting room for participants and/or their families to meet with NSSRA staff.

Library (RESERVED):

Dedicated space for participants small group programming. The Library will be a space for participants to find peace and quiet, hit the reset button and, when ready, get back to a program able to fully engage.

Entry “Walk N’ Roll” Way (RESERVED):

Fully accessible walkway connecting the parking lot to the building’s main entrance and front courtyard.

Elevator (RESERVED):

Vital amenity for all participants to easily access both floors.

Drop-Off/Pick-Up Hub (RESERVED):

Specifically, designed area of the parking lot dedicated to safety at all times of the day or night. Ensures participants are out of all traffic patterns coming to and being picked up from NSSRA programs.


To reserve a naming opportunity at NSSRA Highland Park, please contact NSSRA Foundation Manager Laurie DeSimone at (847)509-9400 or


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